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Roman Týc *1974 has as an artist always focused on working with technology. In the 90’s, he created video collages animated in the real time on a specifically built machine. He carried on developing this technique in the PureA group.

Týc came to the media and the public through the actions of the Ztohoven subgroup, which is co-founder and who was invited to an international symposium in London's Tate Modern in 2013.

This group is apart from many controversial projects such as Media Reality (nuclear explosion during the Czech Televison’s live coverage) or Moral Reform (spreading of fictional SMS messages among the Czech MPs) responsible for the foundation of Paralelní Polis.

In 2011, Roman Týc was included as part of the context of international activist art in the prestigious publication of the German publishing house Gestalten called Art & Agenda - Political Art and Activism.

Roman displayed his own art at three separate exhibitions, Vykradač hrobů (Tomb Raider) in 2001, Jen blbni, zkazíš to všem (Keep messing around and you’ll ruin it for everyone) in 2014, and Im Boden in 2017.

He currently lives and works in Prague.


"It seems to many people that activist art can not be compared to paintings or sculptures because it is so unbearably easy. No way. This was much harder than painting a painting in the studio or cutting off a statue of stone. The more months and years since that Saturday have passed, the red undershorts over Prague castle seems more important and timeless. "– Petr Volf


We witness a community that is willing and able to resist the constraints of a gradual curbing on freedoms. We build on the concept of Václav Benda’s Paralelní Polis. Even nowadays we find ourselves in the concept of the anti-authoritarian organization of the society, although we should have the past of the dictatorship behind us. – ZTOHOVEN


The artistic project combines traditional crafts with modern technologies. The project of silver coins first appeared in 2017, mainly as a manifestation of respect for those persecuted for their beliefs in digital freedom.


The alternative multifunctional space in Holešovice (Prague) was in operation until 2018.


  • Grave Robber 2011
  • Haš 2016
  • Jen blbni, zkazíš to všem... 2014
  • Im Boden 2017
  • Reference
  • Roman (for media)


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